your retreat experience

from beginning to end
**Caution!!** Contains spoilers 😉
Fly into the country

Welcome to the Dominican Republic!  Most travelers coming from the USA will arrive in Santo Domingo – Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).  Expect to go through the standard airport procedure upon arrival – you’ll wait in line for a few moments, and give the Customs Officer the entry form handed out to you on the airplane. They’ll quickly look at your passport and wish you a pleasant stay.  After grabbing your bags, head out to the lobby where your driver will be waiting, holding a Cibukan sign

Scenic drive to Samana

Enjoy endless fields of green and palm trees gently swaying as you make your way from the airport to Samana. The ride takes about two and a half hours. The taxis are air-conditioned and many of them have a Wifi hotspot, so you can let your loved ones know that you’ve arrived safely.

Welcome to El Valle

Descending into El Valle, you’ll see scenic fields on either side, and drive on beautiful roads looking out to the Caribbean Sea. The resort is located in the heart of El Valle, so you’ll see locals going about their daily lives and kids playing as you arrive.


Let the adventure begin! You’ll leave the taxi at our parking lot and head inside, following a narrow jungle path surrounded by pink flowers. This will be the first taste of luscious nature you get here. Our team will help you with your luggage.

Check-in & settle into your room

Our staff will greet you with a smile and a welcome drink. If you arrive early, we’ll store your luggage at the reception and recommend activities and a spot to eat. If your room is prepared,  we’ll help carry your luggage and show you around.

Bike ride through the village

Enjoy a beautiful and energizing bike ride on your way to El Valle Beach. This is the best way to see the area and get a glimpse of locals’ daily lives. You’ll walk out of the hotel entrance and over the bridge, and choose your bike. Bikes are free. The ride to the beach takes about 10 minutes on the straight road. There’s no way you get lost.

Lunch and sunshine at El Valle beach

We’ll give you a lunch voucher for Mami’s. Sit at a cozy table or lounge in a chair with a coconut in hand. The lunch options are catch of the day, chicken, or a burger, accompanied with local sides such as tostones. Spend the rest of the afternoon reading a good book, playing a game, or swimming in the crystal clear ocean water.

Dinner, night-time entertainment & activities

Since our dinner is served in a buffet-style, there are plenty of options each night, always including a fresh salad and local recipes all made with organic ingredients. Our guests end up making lasting friendships, as we encourage disconnecting from Wifi and connecting with each other.

Wake up with breakfast & coffee

Wake up to gentle sunlight coming through the curtains and the song of birds. If you like you can get your day started with little guided yoga session in the morning, then enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, and fresh fruit, and a cup of local coffee or hot chocolate. This is the time to prepare for your daily tour, or if you decide to have a lazy day, lounge in a hammock and take it easy.

Head out on daily excursions & adventures

Choose one of our excursions – snorkeling at a remote beach only accessible by boat, tanning at a world-class Playa Rincon, riding a horse to El Limon Waterfall, or zip lining over the jungle. Our tours (except for the zip line) take just about a full day, so expect to enjoy lots of nature and culture.

Come back and relax at the end of each day

Take the time to relax, shower, and treat yourself to a spa treatment or a massage after a long day of adventures. Kick it by the pool with a cold drink in hand.

Checkout & heartfelt goodbyes

We’re sad to see you go but we’re happy you stayed with the Cibukan family! Stop by the front desk in the morning to check out and meet your driver who’ll take you back to the airport. We hope to see you again soon!