AUGUST 10-16
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An experience of surrender for the coherence and evolution the soul. Join us for the next step in your evolution

Hosted at the Cibukan Eco Resort
near Samaná, Dominican Republic

meet your hosts


Sjana Elise is an international yoga instructor, a wellness influencer, adventure enthusiast, as well as a self described sunshine-loving, hug-giving Aussie girl. She believes that we all deserve to feel empowered, and through her own experience, she has learned that yoga is an invaluable tool for the enrichment of life and is a catalyst for personal transformation and growth. After struggling with depression and anxiety her late teens, understanding the importance of connection, she now aims to generate a communal happiness for herself and others. Sjana's teaching style is fun, challenging and invites you to soothe your soul and honour your personal evolution through mindful movement and conscious vinyasa.Each practice is a journey designed to release that which is no longer serving, whilst creating space for expansion.She is passionate about helping others explore their inner world and strengthen their personal connection to the self and Source - witnessing, recognising and harnessing the Divine within. RYT 500hr & Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher.


Bear was born in Hawaii on the north shore of Kauai. From ages 8 to 18 he spent his life traveling around the world competing professionally in surfing. At the age of 19, he began to compete in MMA or mixed martial arts which led time to Ashtanga Yoga and began his life long journey as a Yogi. Yoga opened the door for bear to a higher state of conscious living inspiring him to dive deep into learning about health and wellbeing. After years of study, Bear began his work asa peak performance specialist focusing on bio-hacking, flow states and performance transformation/optimization. He spent the last four years as a serial entrepreneur running multiple companies which inspired him to begin to build an international platform to serve children throughout the world. With his passion for people Bear joined Amelia and the BreakawayMovement to share his knowledge with a community of like-minded people to help inspire and uplift the lives of those he encounters.

There comes a point in your life where you are given an opportunity for rapid expansion. A moment in time that gifts you with a choice. For in every moment we are deciding whether consciously or unconsciously to expand from a place of empowerment or to contract from a place of fear. The evolve retreat was designed to help you overcome your fear and step into the next phase of your soul's evolution.

A chance to step away from the norm and leap into the unknown. A place to learn and to grow, to find coherence in community, to find freedom in connection, to experience the power of alliance.

what you will experience during this retreat

  • A Week of Laughter and Joy
  • Mind/Body Science Teachings
  • Empowerment Exercises
  • Breathwork Experiences
  • Guided Meditations
  • Yoga Classes
  • Local Healthy and Nourishing Meals
  • Deep Human Connection Workshops
  • Symbiotic Movement Experiences
  • Journaling Practices
  • NLP and Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Music and Dancing
  • Beach days and Bonfires
  • Hiking, ATV, and Boat Excursions
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